Auction Board Approved Surplus Items

The district is required to auction all items board-approved as surplus per board policy that cost over $2,500. When multiple items equate to $2,500 or above, auctioning of the board-approved surplus items is also necessary. Refer to board policy 3270 and Education code 17546.

When any original or replacement equipment or supplies acquired under a federal grant or subgrant are no longer needed for the original project or program or for other federally supported activities, the district may retain or sell such items or, if the item has a current fair market value of less than $5,000, may otherwise dispose of the item in a manner approved by the Board. Whenever the district sells equipment or supplies that have a current fair market value of $5,000 or more, it shall provide an amount to the federal agency equal to the agency's share of the current market value of the equipment or the proceeds from the sale of the equipment or supplies. (2 CFR 200.313, 200.314). Federally funded equipment should have unique asset tag.

Instructional materials may also need to be auctioned in certain situations.

This process will also include all equipment related to construction work through Measure J bond program.

The website link for live auctions are here.